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Solar Panel Installers In West Chester, PAEcoGen America is a local solar energy equipment supplier and solar panel installation company serving homeowners throughout Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Our team of local solar contractors are dedicated to providing homeowners in the Chester County area with affordable solar energy solutions and unrivaled customer service.

Are you thinking about investing in solar panels for your home? The benefits solar power are incredible and going solar may be easier than you think!

Call our offices in West Chester, PA today at 610-624-2169 to get a free quote and learn about how much money you could be saving by switching to solar.

Solar Contractors Serving Chester County, PA

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Our solar panel installation team can install solar panels on homes throughout Chester County, PA. Some of the areas in Chester County that we service include:

  • West Chester, PA
  • Phoenixville, PA
  • Downingtown, PA
  • Coatesville, PA
  • Malvern, PA
  • Kennet Square, PA
  • Oxford, PA
  • Avondale, PA
  • and more.

Do you live outside of Chester County, PA? Don’t worry – EcoGen America installs solar panels on homes throughout the entire State of Pennsylvania. You can find out more about all of our other locations in Pennsylvania here.

Powering Your Home With Clean Energy

Investing in solar panels for your home can seem like a big undertaking. However, many of our clients are surprised to learn about how affordable solar technology can really be. Thanks to increasingly affordable solar panels, lucrative incentives and flexible financing options, going solar has never been easier!

How Much Can You Save With Solar?

Homeowners who make the switch to solar are often able to save tens of thousands of dollars on their electricity bills over the lifetime of their solar PV system. The exact amount of money that you save by switching to solar will depend on several different factors including the size and location of your home, as well as your daily energy usage.

To learn more about the costs of a solar PV system and how much you could be saving, visit our “Solar Panel Installation Costs” page.

Get To Know Our Company

You can learn more about our Chester County and our local solar contractors by exploring some of our other online profiles below:

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EcoGen America
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"Proud new owner of a solar PV system! I contacted EcoGen America to find out how much it would cost to install solar panels on my roof. After getting a quote I was happy to find out that it was much more affordable than I expected. I was very impressed with the customer service that I received throughout the entire installation process and I couldn't be happier with my new solar system."
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Local Resources For Chesco Residents

More and more homeowners in Chester County are choosing to invest in residential solar solutions each year. We’ve compiled a short list of helpful resources for homeowners who are thinking of making the switch to solar in Chester County, PA:

The EcoGen America Experience

Solar Panel Installer Chester County, PAAt EcoGen America we are proud to provide our customers with high quality solar solutions at an affordable price.

While some of the larger solar energy companies in Pennsylvania simply hire sub-contractors to perform the installations, we are proud to be a local company with feet on the ground in Chester County, Pennsylvania. As a local solar energy company we are able to use our extensive knowledge of the area to create a custom solar energy plan that is right for your home along with unrivaled customer service.

Call our friendly team of solar contractors in Chester County today at 610-624-2169 to get your free quote and learn more about your path to generating your own clean energy.

Upcoming Webinars & Local Events In Chester County, PA

How Much Money Can I Save With Solar Panels?

Date/Time: Friday, July 10th, 2017, 6:00pm
In this webinar, our local solar contractors discuss one of the biggest benefits of going solar - saving money on your monthly energy bills. Thousands of homeowners in Pennsylvania are already saving money each month by generating their own solar energy. However, the exact amount of money that you save on your energy bills will depend on several factors including the size of your home, your specific energy needs and the size of your solar PV system. Join us in this webinar where we cover these and other . Visit our events page for more .
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Latest Renewable Energy News

Chester County Solar Panel Installer
The Renewable Energy News section is updated on a monthly basis with the latest clean energy news stories in Chester County and the State of Pennsylvania:

April 7, 2017 – Google’s Project Sunroof Is Now Predicting Rooftop Solar Potential In All 50 US States

Google recently announced that Project Sunroof – the company’s solar energy estimation tool – is now providing solar data on homes in all 50 US states.

The tool uses a combination of Google Maps, Google EARTH, 3D modelling, and machine learning technology to estimate how much sunlight a specific rooftop receives. This helps homeowners, business owners and solar installers to better predict the feasibility of potential solar projects throughout the United States.

The announcement also came with exciting news about the potential for solar in America. Specifically, Google noted that 79% of all rooftops analyzed with Project Sunroof are technically viable for solar.

March 9, 2017 – National Solar Jobs Census Shows That Solar Jobs In Pennsylvania Grew By 23% In 2016

According to the latest Solar Jobs Census, the State of Pennsylvania experienced an impressive 23% growth in solar-related jobs in 2016. The strong growth seen in PA’s solar industry comes after the state experienced three consecutive years of negative jobs growth. In addition to the positive news about the growing solar workforce in Pennsylvania, employers in the U.S. solar industry are expecting solar-related jobs to grow by another 10% over the next year.

You can find out more about this news story and thefuture of Pennsylvania’s solar industry here.

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