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Join the community of thousands of homeowners enjoying the benefits of residential solar energy in Pennsylvania.

Solar Panel Installation Company In Pennsylvania

EcoGen America is a residential solar panel installation company dedicated to helping homeowners in Pennsylvania enjoy the benefits of solar energy.

By investing in a residential solar PV system Pennsylvanians can save thousands of dollar on their electricity bills, increase the value of their homes and lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Local Solar Panel Installers Serving All Of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Solar Panel Installation ProjectAt EcoGen America, we strive to be different than other solar panel companies in Pennsylvania. We partner with some of the most qualified contractors, electricians, installers and technology providers in the industry to provide residential solar solutions at an affordable price.

Our local solar installation team installs solar panels on homes throughout the State of Pennsylvania, including on homes in:



"EcoGen made it so easy, I never expected to be able to afford solar panels but with the federal and state incentives they walked me through it was worth the investment on our end."

- Harry P.


"Fast, professional and easy. Really couldn't ask for more, highly recommend to anyone looking into solar."

- Lauren C. 

We serve the entire state of Pennsylvania!

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Why Should I Go Solar?

Installing solar panels on your roof can a great investment in your home that can provide you with financial benefits for years to come.

Saving money on electricity bills, increasing the value of your home and reducing your carbon footprint are just a few of the amazing benefits that you will enjoy when you make the switch to solar.

Enjoy The Financial Benefits Of Solar

More and more Pennsylvanians are making the switch to solar energy after learning about the financial benefits of creating your own source of renewable energy. Investing in photovoltaic (PV) solar panels can save you thousands of dollars on electricity bills over the lifetime of the system.

Take Advantage Of PA Solar Incentives In 2016

There are many great incentives and rebates available for homeowners in Pennsylvania who are considering a residential solar PV system.

The incentives that you are eligible for will depend on where you live and other factors, but some of the solar incentives available to Pennsylvanians include:

  • Solar Tax Credits
  • Solar Production Incentives
  • Premium Feed In Tarriffs (or Net Metering)

EcoGen American can help you discover and take advantage of all of the solar incentives that you are eligible for.

You can learn more about the solar energy industry in Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania's State Solar Policy by visiting the Solar Energy Industries Association here.

Contact us today to join the community of more than 1 million homeowners enjoying the benefits of residential solar energy in America.