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No Cost Solar Program Texas

No Cost Solar Program Texas

The No Cost Solar Program in Texas is a shared program by solar companies, solar installers, and financial companies. The common goal of these companies is to create different ways for Texans to install solar panels with no money down.

Texas solar power provides a lot of benefits and can certainly help home and business owners reduce their energy costs and their dependance on the local utility company. But not everyone has the ability to pay for an entire solar energy system up front. This article goes into the different ways to save money when going solar and how to install your solar panels for free in Texas.

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Solar Power In Texas, The Lone Star State

In the last few years, many home and business owners across America have realized the benefits of solar power, and just how much money you can save when you power your home with our powerful sun. This is especially true in Texas, where the sun shines over 300+ days per year and Texas lawmakers have created very generous financial incentives for those who decide to power their homes with solar panels.

Currently, Texas ranks #2 on the National Solar Rankings showing how beneficial it has been for those who have already gone solar. This in large part due to the progressive Texas solar incentives available to residents of The Lone Star State. And with prices continuing to drop, now is a great time to make your investment in a solar energy system. In fact, there is enough solar installed in Texas to power over 1.8 Million homes! ????

If you live in Texas and have been considering solar panels for your home or business, but are curious how much they might cost, getting a customized solar quote is the starting point. A solar estimate from a solar professional will allow you to see all of your solar options, exactly which Texas solar incentives you qualify for, and how much money you could save.

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How to Save Money With Your Solar Panels

In Texas, there are several solar incentives, tax credits, and solar rebates available to save you money on your solar panels, but some of them are not available until after you purchase your solar panels. These help very much, and can reduce the time it takes for your solar power system to pay for its self. But they don't necessarily reduce the up-front costs of solar energy systems.

Here are a few ways to save money on the front-end of your investment in solar energy and how to get solar panels installed for free in Texas

Power Purchase Agreements

Texas Power Purchase Agreements, or PPAs, are one of the best way to reduce or eliminate your up-front solar costs. In this agreement, a solar company agrees to install a solar array on your home or business with little or no cost to you. In exchange, you purchase the energy from those solar panels at a fixed rate, cheaper than typical electricity costs.

This agreement is a great way to instantly lower your electric bills and protect yourself against the rise of inflation. PPA contracts usually last for 10-15 years but can be extended if you wish. At the end of the contract you can choose to remove the solar system or buy them our at the discounted rate, which are good options to have 10-15 years down the road. Some homeowners even decide to upgrade their solar system with more solar panels or solar batteries.

Overall, Power Purchase agreements are a great for people who want to spend less on their electric with solar energy, but don't wish to pay for the whole system up front.

Solar Power Loans

In America, the term "loan" has become a heavy word that comes with a lot of preconceptions about banks, high interest rates, and debt. But a loan is exactly what it promises, a specified amount of money up front, to be paid off at an agreed upon amount of time. Solar loans work in the same way, but were created by solar companies to help homeowners convert to solar energy without the up-front costs. Later on, financial companies started to improve solar loans with higher loan amounts, lower interest rates, and better payment options. Now, there are many solar and financial companies competing for your business.

Solar loans can make a lot of sense if the amount your are paying for your loan is less than you pay for your electric bills, and many times they are. For example, if you are paying $250 month on electric, but a solar loan is only $100/month, then it could make good sense to utilize a solar loan for your solar panel installation and reduce your monthly spend on electricity.

Solar loans, like PPAs, are just a few ways of installing solar panels for free in Texas. They may not be for every one in every situation. But there are many other ways to save money when installing solar panels in Texas. For free, you can see all of the solar power options you have and which Texas solar incentives you qualify for. Just enter your zip code to get started.

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More Texas Solar Incentives

Powering your home with solar is not only good for your wallet, but also very good for the environment. Texas lawmakers and officials seem to understand this well, which is why they have been so proactive about creating solar incentives to help their residents convert to clean energy. Texas solar rebates, federal solar tax credit, and net energy metering/solar buyback programs are just a few.

Its important to know that you likely will not use ALL of the energy your solar panel system produces. Your solar panels can generate a lot of power on a sunny day and you will have to decide what to do with that excess energy. One of the top ways people increase their solar savings and rate of return on solar panels is to sell that excess energy back to the Texas solar grid. If you own your solar energy system and choose to sell the excess solar energy from your solar installation, you can receive renewable energy credits to further reduce your monthly energy costs. To do this you must own your solar energy device and be connected with a certified Texas solar company to make this arrangement.

To learn more about Texas solar panel incentives such as the statewide solar tax credit on property taxes, federal solar investment tax credits, and more. There are many ways to reduce Texas solar panel costs when you install renewable energy systems in The Lone Star State. Read our comprehensive guide on Texas Solar Incentives.

Applying For Free Solar Panels in Texas

To see what purchasing options and solar incentives you qualify for, you could take a lot of time researching the internet for the available options and requirements. But we know that you may not have that much time. So if you live in Texas and are interested in solar panels for your home or business, click on the link below and the solar experts at EcoGen America will generate a solar estimate for you, for free.

EcoGen America is the most trusted solar energy company in Texas and has been serving the Texas communities for years. The solar professionals at EcoGen are dedicated to helping you understand if solar is right for you. With complete solar evaluations and top rates customer service, many Texans have found EcoGen America to be their #1 choice for solar energy.

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Yes, you can get solar panels installed for free in Texas with different solar programs and purchasing options. Some of these options include Power Purchasing Agreements, Solar Loans, and other Texas solar programs. Read more