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Florida No Cost Solar Program

Florida No Cost Solar Program

The Florida No Cost Solar Program is a shared program by solar companies, solar installers, and financial companies with the common goal to create more ways for Florida residents to convert to solar energy for less!

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Solar Power in Florida, The Sunshine State

Florida is quickly becoming one of the most popular states for solar power in the US. In fact, Florida was ranked #3 for the top places to go solar in the US. With over 300+ sunny days per year, it is with good reason Florida is nicknamed The Sunshine State. ☀️

Because of this advantageous position, Florida lawmakers have created many progressive solar programs and incentives to help residents harness the power of this sun and power their homes and businesses, for less.

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Currently there is enough solar power installed in Florida to power over 1.1 Million homes! If you are considering solar for your home or business in Florida, but curious how much solar panels cost in Florida, getting a customized solar quote is a good starting point. A solar estimate from a solar professional will show you all of your solar options, exactly which Florida solar incentives you qualify for, and how much money you could save.

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How to Get Solar Panels For Free In Florida

Florida has many solar incentives, rebates, and tax credits available for those who convert to solar energy. But many of these financial incentives only save you money after you've purchased your solar system. Although these are very helpful and can help you pay off your solar investment much quicker. They don't help ease the burden of up front costs. Here are the top ways to reduce or even eliminate your up front costs for solar.

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Power Purchase Agreements

Florida Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) are one of top ways Floridians are going solar with no money down. In a PPA, You and a solar company come to an agreement that the solar company will install your solar panel system for little or no money down. In exchange, you pay for the electricity generated by that solar panel system at a fixed rate, that would be lower than your current electricity rate.

Power Purchase Agreements are a good way to lower your monthly energy costs and protect your home or business against energy inflation. A typical contract lasts for 10-15 years and come with favorable options at the end. At the end of the agreement, you can extend the contract, remove the solar panels, or buy the solar system at a discounted rate.

PPAs are great ways for qualified home owners to enjoy the benefits of solar energy in Florida, without paying too much up front.

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Zero Down Solar Options

The average cost of solar panels in America has reduced significantly in the last 10 years. A complete solar panel system, including solar installation in Florida can costs anywhere between $9,000 - $14,000 before applying Florida solar incentives. But how much your solar panels cost depends on a few different variables and could cost much less, or much more.

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If you are thinking that solar panels might be too expensive for your situation, consider how people buy their cars these days. Very few people go into a car dealership and pay 15,000 cash. Instead, they lease or agree to a loan. This allows them to drive off in the new car with little or no money down. Fortunately, solar companies and financial companies have teamed up to offer the same type of options to home and business owners.

The BIG difference between buying a car and a investing in solar panels, is that solar panels will SAVE you money and ultimately pay for themselves! This is called the solar payback period. The time in which it take for your solar savings to return 100% of your solar investment.

Solar Leases & Solar Loans are viable options for those who want to install solar panels on their home or business and pay less for electricity. With these options you can start to enjoy the benefits of solar energy, make the more environmentally (and financially) friendly energy choice, with little or no money down. This is not available in all states. Florida is one of the few states to oversee and allow these no cost solar programs to help Florida residents convert to solar power.

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Yes, Florida offers a few different ways to invest in solar panels for no up front costs including PPAs, solar loans, and solar leases. Read more

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