Florida Solar Incentives 2023

Complete Guide to Florida Solar Incentives

Florida, also known as The Sunshine State 🌞 seems like a natural location to adopt solar energy. And true to those expectations, Florida residents have utilized the power of the sun in a big way. Florida ranks #3 in the nation for best places to go solar. See exactly which Florida Solar Incentives your home qualifies for with your zip code below, or keep reading to learn more!

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Benefits of Florida Solar Power

More than 5% of all of the electricity in Florida comes from solar energy. That's more than double the nations average! And its no surprise that it keeps growing. Solar power in Florida has been growing in popularity for the last 10 years+ and more Floridians are seeing the benefits, everyday.

The most obvious (and most liked) benefit of solar panels are the money you'll save on your energy costs. The sun is free, and most solar energy systems can power your entire home during the day and have extra for the night. But other than saving money on your monthly energy costs, what are the benefits of a solar energy system?

  • 🌎 Solar panels are better for the environment. Producing less carbon emissions and greenhouse gasses, solar energy is the environmentally responsible way to generate renewable electricity.
  • 🏑 A professionally installed solar panel system will increase the value of your home by 5% or more. And in Florida, solar panels are exempt from Property taxes!
  • πŸ’²Florida has more solar incentives than most other states. Making solar energy more affordable (and more efficient) in The Sunshine State.


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The Green Energy Federal Solar Tax Credit

One of the most popular Florida solar incentives is the Green Energy Tax Credit. This federal solar tax credit gives you a dollar-for-dollar tax write-off of up to 30% on the costs of your solar panels, solar batteries, and solar installation.

This incredible solar incentives almost expired in 2022, but was extended to 2033 by congress. If you're someone who likes to decrease your tax burden, this will be a nice "cherry on top" when you start powering your home with solar panels.

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Solar Buyback Programs in Florida

One of the best ways to increase your rate of return on solar and make a profit from your solar panels is through Solar Buyback programs or Net Energy Metering.

Net Energy Metering allows you to sell your excess (not used) solar energy to the Florida solar grid. A monthly meter check will show how much solar energy you provided to the solar grid (hence the name Net Energy Metering) and you will receive Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs), also known as Residential Clean Energy Credits. With these solar credits you can cash them in, to further reduce your monthly energy costs or sell them for a profit.

Solar Tax Exemptions in Florida

Solar Property Tax Exemption:Β One of the most-liked Florida solar incentives is solar property tax exemption. Also called the Property Tax Abatement for Renewable Energy Property incentive. Since a solar system on a home can raise the taxable value by as much as 5%, this provides a big tax relief. So you can enjoy the benefit of a higher property value, without the extra taxes!

Solar Sales Tax Exemption: Florida also provides solar sales tax exemption. This is an instant 6% savings on your solar panels compared to neighboring states. This includes the cost of solar panels in Florida, solar batteries, and the cost to install solar panels in Florida.

How to Install Solar Panels in Florida, For Less.Β 

As you can see, Florida heavily incentivizes home and business owners to take advantage of solar energy. But the question remains, how much are solar panels in Florida?

Read our full solar pricing guide: Cost of Solar Panels in Florida

The true cost of solar panels is going to be a little different for every home and every business. But the best way to save money on your solar panels is to take advantage of the Florida solar incentives, solar rebates, and Florida solar tax credits. With so many to choose from and research, it can be time consuming to find the right solar incentives for your situation.

Fortunately, the experts at EcoGen will do all of the research for you, and show you exactly what solar incentives you qualify for based on your situation.

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Does Florida have any solar incentives?

Yes! Florida residents have access to many solar incentives such as tax exemptions, tax write-offs, solar buyback programs, solar rebates, and more. Read the full guide to Florida Solar Incentives here.Β 

What are the solar incentives in Florida 2023?

There are several solar incentives available for Florida residents in 2023, including federal and state tax credits, solar buyback programs, tax exemptions, and solar rebates. Read the full guide to Florida Solar Incentives here.Β 

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