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Cost of Solar Panels In Utah

The Cost of Solar Panels in Utah

Utah is quickly becoming one of the leading solar states in the US! Blessed with ample sunshine and numerous financial incentives, over 500,000+ homes and businesses have transitioned to solar energy in Utah.

But how much do solar panels cost in Utah? Explore the detailed breakdown of solar panel costs in Utah below, or request a tailored solar quote for your home in just minutes!

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How Much Do Solar Panels Cost In Utah?

The most recent solar industry data shows that the cost of solar panels in Utah is ranges between $11,000 - $16,000, depending on the size of your home and energy needs. Given the average home size in Utah is around 2,300 sq ft., the average cost of solar panels in Utah around $15,795 before utilizing any Utah solar incentives.

Here is the complete cost breakdown of solar panel systems in Utah, by home size.

Home Size (sq ft)

System Size

Average Costs

1,500 - 1,750 3 kW $9,621
1,750 - 2,000 4 kW $11,149
2,000 - 2,300 5 kW $12,988
2,300 - 2,500 6 kW $15,795
2,500 - 2,800 7 kW $18,417
2,800 - 3,000 8 kW $21,609


** It's important to note that these costs DO NOT include the thousands you can save by utilizing your Utah Solar Incentives. See which solar financial incentives you qualify for by entering your zip code below!

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Factors That Influence The Costs of Solar

Choosing solar energy in Utah has shown to be a worthwhile decision for many homeowners. This choice can lead to impressive savings on monthly energy bills while fostering a greener environment. The costs of solar panel installation in Utah hinge on several factors: the energy requirement of your home, the specific solar panels you opt for, and potential additions such as solar batteries or extra solar panels.

Despite the variability in initial costs, Utah homeowners have much to gain. A significant portion of solar adopters witness a 40% - 60% reduction in electric bills, with Utah solar installations often paying for themselves in under a decade!

Installation & Labor Costs

Transitioning to solar in Utah is about more than just purchasing the panels. Additional costs like installation, permit acquisition, and requisite inspections to ensure proper setup are also part of the equation. These combined expenses can account for approximately 10% to 20% of the entire solar investment, which is a substantial chunk of the overall expense.

The silver lining? There are ways to decrease your initial outlay when transitioning to solar in Utah. Discover all the insights in our guide on securing free solar panel installation in Utah!

Equipment Costs

Diving deeper into Utah's solar equipment costs, a significant portion (around 60-70%) is allocated to the core components: solar panels, inverters, and mounts. This trio collaborates to harness and provide your home with a consistent stream of sustainable energy for years on end.

Solar Taxes

For those investing in solar panels in Utah, it's essential to factor in potential sales tax at the point of purchase and any property tax adjustments resulting from the added home value.

However, Utah is progressive in its approach to solar, offering tax credits for those making the shift to solar power. Delve into these solar tax incentives in Utah by entering your zip code below!

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How to Reduce The Costs of Solar Panels in Utah

Great news for Utah homeowners: The Beehive State is buzzing with financial incentives for those looking to embrace solar energy. With Utah's ambitions to bolster its clean energy footprint, there are various avenues through which residents can make significant savings.

Eager to uncover which solar incentives are up for grabs? Reach out for a solar incentive report from the proficient team at EcoGen America. They're equipped to guide you through the available solar rebates, the application process, and what a bespoke solar panel system might cost for your residence.

ROI on Solar | Solar Payback Period

Ever pondered the time it'd take for solar panels to break even in Utah? You might be pleasantly surprised! Given Utah's electricity pricing combined with the generous solar incentives, many homeowners see a return on investment in just 7-9 years. Post this period, your solar savings essentially translate to pure profit, underscoring why solar panels are a valued asset in Utah and the surge in homeowners opting for solar energy.

Solar Financing Options

Hesitant about the initial solar expenses? There's no need for concern. Through solar financing options like power purchase agreements (PPAs) and various solar loan alternatives, the path to solar is devoid of financial strain. With a PPA or a solar-centric loan, the advantages of solar energy become accessible, without draining your finances!

Interested in learning more about achieving solar without the upfront costs? Dive into our comprehensive guide titled "How to Get Free Solar Panels in Utah."

Utah Solar Incentives

Utah's position in the realm of solar incentives is commendable. In our state, homeowners can capitalize on a 30% tax reduction thanks to the federal solar tax credit, bypass additional taxes on the augmented property value, and sidestep taxes on equipment purchases. Furthermore, initiatives like the Utah Green Energy Program reward you based on your system's energy production. Cumulatively, these benefits make the transition to solar in Utah a prudent decision.

Dive into the complete list of Utah Solar Incentives right here!

Transitioning to solar in Utah is more budget-friendly than you might think. With Utah's solar incentives coupled with diverse financing strategies, you're poised to join the renewable energy brigade and harness the sun's potential, all while saving a pretty penny!

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Are Solar Panels Worth it in Utah?

Yes! Solar panels prove to be a good investment for Utah homeowners. They help save you a significant amount on your monthly energy bills and contribute to a more sustainable energy future in Utah. Thanks to help from the state, like special deals and tax savings, a lot of folks find that their solar panels pay for themselves in about 7-9 years. After that, your solar panels keep making power and saving you money for 20-30 years or even longer.

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