Solar Company In Worcester, MA

Join the community of thousands of homeowners enjoying the benefits of residential solar energy in Worcester, MA.

Local Solar Company Serving Worcester, MA

Our trusted solar energy contractors are dedicated to providing residents in Worcester, MA with the best clean energy solutions available.

As one of the leading solar companies in Massachusetts we specialize in solar are proud to install residential and commercial solar systems for customers throughout the city of Worcester including:

  • Greendale
  • Webster Square
  • Grafton Hill
  • Forest Grove
  • Quinsigamond Village
  • Indian Lake East
  • Biotech Park Area
  • Piedmont


Are you interested in solar energy for your home or business?

Contact our offices in Worcester, MA today at (508) 570-9553 to get your free solar savings quote and learn more about going solar with EcoGen America!

EcoGen America - Solar Energy Company In Worcester, MA

EcoGen America
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Join the growing community of residents and business owners enjoying the benefits of solar energy in the State of Massachusetts.