How To Get Free Solar Panels in Connecticut

Free Solar Panels CT

Are Solar Panels Free In Connecticut?

If you live in Connecticut, there's a good possibility that your house qualifies for free solar panel installation.

In the following guide, we cover everything you need to know about free solar panels in CT including how to qualify and what steps you can take to get started with solar energy today.

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Do you live in Connecticut?

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Step 1: Review Your Options

As a Connecticut resident, you have a few different options when it comes to going solar.

Many homeowners finance their solar energy system through a loan while others choose to purchase the entire system outright, however this often requires a large upfront cost.

Fortunately, Connecticut homeowners have another option of going solar for no cost through what is known as a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

A Power Purchase Agreement, also known as a “PPA,” is a contract in which a third-party pays for solar equipment and installation costs. Under this arrangement, a homeowner agrees to purchases electricity produced by the solar panels at a significantly reduced rate.

This can be a great option for homeowners that may not want to purchase a system outright or may not be able to afford the cost of switching to solar.

In fact, Power Purchase Agreements have become one of the most common methods of going solar in Connecticut in recent years because a PPA allows homeowners to switch to solar energy for free and start saving money on utilities right away.

Step 2: Find Out if Your Home Qualifies

At this point you may be wondering whether or not your home qualifies for free solar panels.

The good news is most CT residents qualify for free solar panels through the PPA program.

That being said, there are several factors that are cosidered for eligibility including where you live in Connecticut, the type of roof you have and other details.

The best way to find out if you qualify for free solar panels in Connecticut is by speaking with a local solar energy expert about your eligibility and options.

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Step 3: Work With a Certified Installer

If you’re a Connecticut resident and looking to get started with your free solar installation, it is very important that you work with a state-certified local installer.

This will ensure you qualify for the right programs, save the most money, and receive a safe and secure installation.

Contact our Connecticut solar experts and we’ll walk you through the whole process, helping you apply for the best programs and providing a high-quality installation!

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