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Cost of Solar Panels In Puerto Rico

The Cost of Solar Panels in Puerto Rico

Fortunately for Puerto Rican homeowners, the cost of solar panels has dropped by over 54% in the past ten years. Blessed with abundant sunlight throughout the year and coupled with attractive financial incentives, more than 500,000+ homes and businesses have acknowledged the worth of solar panels on the Island of Enchantment!

But how much does it cost to install solar panels in Puerto Rico? Delve into the complete breakdown of the cost of solar panels in PR below, or get a personalized solar quote for your home in just a few moments!


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How Much Do Solar Panels Cost In Puerto Rico

The most recent pricing data in the solar industry indicates that the cost of solar panels in Puerto Rico ranges from $9,000 to $14,000, depending on your home's energy needs. Given the average home size in Puerto Rico is approximately 1,800 sq ft., the average cost of solar panels in Puerto Rico is around $12,021 prior to taking advantage of Puerto Rico's solar incentives.

Here’s a more complete breakdown of the cost of solar panels in Puerto Rico by home size.

Home Size (sq ft)

System Size

Average Costs

1,500 - 1,750 4 kW $9,544
1,750 - 2,000 5 kW $12,021
2,000 - 2,300 6 kW $14,250
2,300 - 2,500 7 kW $16,609
2,500 - 2,800 8 kW $18,289
2,800 - 3,000 10 kW $21,568


** It's important to note that these costs DO NOT include the thousands you can save by utilizing Puerto Rico's solar incentives. See which solar financial incentives you qualify for by entering your zip code below!

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Factors That Influence The Costs of Solar

Thinking of going solar energy in Puerto Rico? Many property owners have found it a smart investment, not only for its environmental benefits but also for the substantial savings on monthly energy bills. The cost of solar panel installation in Puerto Rico depends on several factors, such as your property's energy needs, the specific solar panels you select, and additional equipment like solar batteries or extra panels.

Even though the initial outlay can differ, Puerto Rico property owners can expect meaningful financial returns. A large number of Puerto Rico solar owners save 40% to 60% on their electricity bills. Plus, in Puerto Rico, it's common for the solar panels to recover their costs in less than ten years!

Installation & Labor Costs

In Puerto Rico, the cost for solar installation isn't just about the panels. You'll also need to factor in costs for the installation process, acquiring the necessary permits, and mandatory inspections to ensure everything meets regulations. Typically, these considerations account for 10% to 20% of the overall solar expense.

Good news! Options are available in Puerto Rico to lessen initial solar expenses. Explore our guide to getting solar panels installed for free in Puerto Rico!

The Costs of Solar Equipment

Here's an overview of the equipment costs in Puerto Rico. Typically, 60-70% of your total expenditure is allocated to essential components: the solar panels, inverters, and mounting structures. These are crucial for capturing and converting the sun's rays into dependable energy over the years.

Puerto Rico Solar Taxes

When considering solar panel installation in Puerto Rico, it's important to factor in any related sales and property tax implications due to the increased property value. However, Puerto Rico often provides specific tax benefits for solar installations! Enter your location below to discover the solar advantages available to you!

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How to Reduce The Costs of Solar Panels in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico provides several financial benefits for locals considering a move to solar energy. With the island's commitment to renewable energy, there are many avenues for savings for those in Puerto Rico.

Are you asking which solar incentives you might qualify for? Reach out to local solar experts in Puerto Rico for a full overview. They're ready to explain available solar discounts, guide you through the application process, and give a tailored solar estimate based on your home's needs.

ROI on Solar | Solar Payback Period

How quickly can solar panels pay for themselves in Puerto Rico? With current electricity prices and the available solar incentives, many homeowners find that their solar investment pays off in just 7-9 years! After recovering the initial expenses, the savings continue, making solar a smart choice in Puerto Rico.

Solar Financing Options

Thinking about the initial costs of solar in Puerto Rico? Don't worry! There are flexible options like power purchase agreements (PPAs) and solar loans. These options mean starting your solar journey doesn't need a big upfront expense. With a PPA or solar loan, you can enjoy the benefits of solar immediately without a large out-of-pocket cost.

Want options with zero upfront costs? See different ways to install solar panels for free in Puerto Rico!

Puerto Rico Solar Incentives

Puerto Rico offers attractive solar incentives. Residents can take advantage of solar tax credits and various local rebates and benefits. These incentives can greatly reduce the overall cost of your solar transition, making going solar in Puerto Rico a wise decision.

Check out the full list of Puerto Rico's solar incentives here.

Choosing solar in Puerto Rico is both budget-friendly and forward-thinking. By using the island's solar benefits and flexible financing options, you can be part of the green energy movement, tap into the sun's power, and enjoy great savings!

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Are Solar Panels Worth it in Puerto Rico?

Yes, for many homeowners in Puerto Rico, solar power leads to big savings on electric bills and contributes to a cleaner future. Puerto Rico's strong support for solar initiatives, marked by its appealing incentives and benefits, means that many on the island can see a return on their solar panel investment in just a few years. The best part? These panels remain efficient, providing nearly free electricity for an impressive 20-30 years, maybe more. Imagine consistent savings on your energy bills while utilizing clean, renewable energy for decades to come!

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Switching to solar in Puerto Rico is easy and beneficial, especially when guided by experts. In no time, you can get a free quote tailored for your Puerto Rico home's solar requirements. This includes a virtual review of your property, details on solar incentives available to you, and an estimate of your potential savings. Explore your solar options with no obligations. Become part of the growing community of Puerto Rico homeowners enjoying the advantages of solar energy!

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