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Cost of Solar Panels In Missouri

The Cost of Solar Panels in Missouri

An increasing number of Missouri homes and businesses are tapping into the power solar, shifting to a more sustainable and wallet-friendly alternative to traditional power.

Are you curious about how much solar panels cost in Missouri? Dive into our in-depth analysis of solar panel costs tailored for the Show-Me State below, or request a customized solar quote for your Missouri home!

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How Much Do Solar Panels Cost In Missouri?

The newest figures from the solar sector show that in Missouri, the average price for solar panels is between $9,000 and $14,000, based on your home's size and energy needs. With most Missouri homes around 1,800 sq ft., the average solar system price is roughly $11,656, before any of Missouri's solar incentives are applied.

Below is a detailed breakdown of solar panel costs in Missouri, sorted by home size.

Home Size (sq ft)

System Size

Average Costs

1,500 - 1,750 3 kW $9,811
1,750 - 2,000 4 kW $11,656
2,000 - 2,300 5 kW $14,321
2,300 - 2,500 6 kW $16,109
2,500 - 2,800 7 kW $18,455
2,800 - 3,000 8 kW $20,189


** It's important to note that these costs DO NOT include the thousands you can save by utilizing Missouri Solar Incentives. See which solar financial incentives you qualify for by entering your zip code below!

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Factors Influencing Solar Panel Costs in Missouri

For Missouri homeowners who prioritize both environmental responsibility and fiscal prudence, transitioning to solar energy presents a compelling proposition. The cost of installing solar panels in the Show-Me State is influenced by several primary determinants:

  1. Household Energy Consumption: The energy needs of your residence directly impact the size and capacity of the solar system required.
  2. Panel Selection: The specific brand and model of solar panels you select, often dictated by efficiency, longevity, and warranty provisions, play a significant role in the total cost.
  3. Additional Components: Decisions to incorporate solar batteries or to opt for supplemental panels will adjust the overall expenditure.

While there might be variability in initial expenses, the long-term financial benefits for Missouri homeowners are clear. Many residents who have transitioned to solar report a substantial decrease in their monthly electricity bills, often in the range of 40% - 60%. With such savings, it's not uncommon for the initial investment in solar infrastructure to be recouped in under a decade.

Installation and Permitting Costs

Initiating a solar project in Missouri entails more than the acquisition of panels. Costs associated with professional installation, procurement of necessary permits, and ensuring system compliance with safety and performance standards are integral to the project. These preliminary expenses typically constitute 10% to 20% of the initial investment.

However, the state offers encouraging financial pathways for homeowners. A myriad of strategies and incentives exist to potentially offset these initial costs. See more about how to get your solar panels installed for free in Missouri!

Equipment Expenditure Breakdown

In Missouri, a significant portion—approximately 60-70%—of the solar project budget is allocated to core equipment. This encompasses the panels, inverters (devices that convert solar-generated direct current to household-friendly alternating current), and mounting hardware. These components are foundational to the system's efficacy, ensuring a consistent and reliable source of renewable energy.

Tax Implications of Solar Adoption

Before integrating solar, Missouri homeowners should be aware of the potential tax ramifications. An increase in property value post-solar installation might affect property taxes. Concurrently, Missouri actively promotes renewable energy adoption through various tax incentives and rebates. For a detailed insight into the state's solar-related tax advantages, we recommend utilizing our zip code-based tool below.

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Reducing The Cost of Solar Panels in Missouri

Missouri has made significant strides in promoting solar energy, offering numerous financial benefits for homeowners contemplating this transition. The state's commitment to renewable energy is evident in its diverse range of incentives tailored to suit Missouri residents.

Solar ROI and Investment Recoupment

For Missouri homeowners evaluating the cost-effectiveness of solar, many find that the initial solar investment pays for itself within 7-9 years. This estimation is based on current energy tariffs in Missouri and the available solar incentives. Beyond this period, homeowners start to realize tangible financial savings stemming from their solar systems.

Financing Solar in Missouri

While the initial outlay for solar can be substantial, Missouri has paved the way for easier adoption with a variety of financing mechanisms. Power purchase agreements (PPAs) and specialized solar loans are among the options homeowners can consider. These financial structures can facilitate a smoother entry into solar, often reducing or even eliminating upfront costs.

For a deeper understanding of these financial opportunities, we offer a detailed guide: "How to get solar panels installed for free in Missouri."

Missouri's Solar Incentives

Missouri has a comprehensive suite of incentives for prospective solar adopters. Potential tax advantages are available for those making the switch to solar. Furthermore, there's often no additional property tax levied on the augmented value of homes post-solar installation. Some state programs even provide incentives based on the efficiency and output of your solar system. Together, these incentives underscore the financial wisdom of transitioning to solar in Missouri.

See the complete list of Missouri Solar Incentives here.

In summary, the case for solar energy in Missouri is compelling, both from an environmental and economic standpoint. The state's strong backing, in terms of incentives and financing options, empowers residents to embrace this clean energy future confidently.

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Is Solar a Viable Option in Missouri?

Indeed, for numerous Missouri homeowners, solar panels present a compelling financial and ecological proposition. They not only promise significant reductions in electricity expenses but also mark a step towards a greener future. Missouri's forward-thinking stance on solar, highlighted by its array of incentives and tax advantages, allows many residents to recover their initial solar expenditures in merely 7-9 years. Think about this: post this break-even point, your solar setup could potentially provide almost cost-free electricity for an additional 20-30 years or more. This translates to multiple decades of curtailed energy costs while also contributing to sustainable energy practices.

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Pondering a solar initiative in the Show-Me State? Undertaking this transition can be seamless and advantageous, particularly when navigated by seasoned professionals. Within a brief span, you can obtain a complimentary, no-commitment solar panel quotation specific to your residence. This in-depth evaluation encompasses a thorough virtual review of your premises, insights on Missouri-centric solar incentives you stand to gain, and a projection of prospective savings. Don't delay. Delve into the realm of solar energy and join the expanding community of Missourians tapping into solar potential!

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