Cost of Solar Panels In Connecticut

Cost of Solar Panels in Connecticut

The cost of solar panels in Connecticut has dropped significantly in recent years. In fact, solar energy has reached an important price milestone, becoming cheaper than coal, according to the International Energy Agency’s 2020 report.

As a result, the demand for solar panels in Connecticut has skyrocketed in recent years.

The following guide covers everything you need to know about the price of solar panels in the state of Connecticut.

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How Much Do Solar Panels Cost In CT?

According to the latest industry data, the average cost of solar panels in Connecticut ranges from $13,000 to $17,000.

The following table shows the average cost of solar in Connecticut based on the size of the system:

System size*Average cost
(before tax credit)
Average cost
(after tax credit)
4 kW$12,000$8,400
5 kW$15,000$10,500
6 kW$18,000$12,600
8 kW$24,000$16,800
10 kW$30,000$21,000
12 kW$36,000$25,200
20 kW$60,000$42,000

Many factors can affect the price of installing solar panels including monthly energy usage, type of solar equipment, size of the system and qualifying incentives.

In order to get the most accurate cost estimate for your specific property you should always request a free solar savings estimate from a trusted solar company like EcoGen America.

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First Deduct the Incentives

The "sticker price" on any solar panel installation isn't the full story. Thanks to the 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC), that alone makes solar panel prices shrink to nearly 2/3rds of the given figure.

Then there are Connecticut's state incentives, such as not having to pay sales tax on renewable energy equipment, and the property tax exemption for home value. You can count these as a rough estimate that pays back the price tag.

As always, your best course of action is to hire a state-licensed specialist to survey the installation and give you a quote.

Solar Panels Have a Ratio to Home Square Footage

These figures are according to the latest statistics in solar panel technology, which changes over time.

Solar power is measured in kilowatt capacity. We express this as "a 5KW system," for an installation that has a maximum capacity to supply 5 kilowatts of power steadily. That is suitable for a smaller home of about 1.5K sq. ft. 10 KW is the medium range, for homes up to 3K sq. ft., and homes of 4.5 sq. ft. and larger will be in the 15KW range.

Meanwhile, a single solar panel ranges from 150-350 watts. Therefore, you could estimate an installation of approximately 15 to 30 panels for a small property, and scaling up from there.

Many homeowners choose to have higher-capacity solar installations, even on a smaller house, just to take advantage of greater energy savings.

Energy Usage Factors Too

You can easily find your average household usage on your existing utility billing system. Your electricity provider might even print out your yearly average usage in KW, somewhere in the depths of their billing system. Your energy usage can allow you to opt for a lower capacity installation, as long as you are sure that your needs won't increase.

For example, your lifestyle might include wide-screen TVs and full cable TV package, or you might have joined the "cord-cutting" generation and are content to watch Netflix on mobile for your entertainment needs. There's a difference there in how much power you consume.

Your Long-Term Savings Future Looks Bright!

Regardless of the cost, the energy savings pay you back many times over, making solar more of a prudent investment than an outright expense. It's not unusual for a Connecticut resident to save $30K or more over 20 years, making the initial "sticker price" of any installation seem like a bargain.

At EcoGen America we are dedicated to helping Connecticut residents save money with cost-effective solar energy solutions. Contact us to speak with a local Connecticut solar expert and get your FREE savings quote today!

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How much does it cost to install solar panels in CT?

According to the latest industry data, the average cost of solar panels in Connecticut ranges from $13,000 to $17,000.

Many factors can affect the cost solar including your monthly energy usage, the type of solar panels, size of your system and qualifying incentives.

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Is Solar Worth It For Your Home or Business?

Solar energy continues to be one of the best investments for Connecticut year after year. In fact, many CT homeowners are able to save more than $30,000 in electricity costs by switching to solar.