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How to Use Solar Panels During a Power Outage

Updated December 11, 2023

How To Use Solar Panels During A Power Outage

A power outage can be a significant inconvenience, leaving you in the dark and without power for an unknow amount of time.

An unexpected blackout can lead to grocery spoilage, interrupted communication, and even security risks. If you don't prepare, you may be scrambling to find a solution. Fortunately, there is a way to protect your home and family from power outages: Solar energy.

Continue reading to discover how to use solar panels during a power outage and protect your home and family.

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Do Solar Panels Work During a Power Outage?

The vast majority of solar energy systems in the United States are grid-tied, meaning they connect to the primary power grid. During a power outage, grid-tied solar energy systems automatically disconnect from the grid and stop working. It protects utility workers who may be repairing the grid during a blackout and could be electrocuted if an energy system remains connected.

However, this doesn't mean your solar panels won't work during an outage. If you have the proper setup, you can store solar energy in batteries and use them during a blackout. With battery-backed solar energy systems, you may not even experience an outage in the first place, as the batteries can continue to provide power when the grid goes down.

How Solar Panels Can Help During a Blackout

The key to using solar panels during a power outage is preparation. Due to severe storms and extreme weather events, power outages in the U.S. increased by 78% from 2010-2021. If you invest in a solar system with battery storage, you can rest assured that your home will remain powered even when the lights go out.

Here are the 5 benefits of a solar panel system with battery storage in the event of a blackout:

1. Stay connected

If you're worried about being without power during a blackout, don't fret – with the right solar setup, you can keep your devices charged and stay connected to the world. You no longer have to choose between staying connected and saving energy.

2. Keep your home secure

Security cameras, lights, and other home security systems can remain powered even if the grid goes down. It is essential during an extended blackout when your home may be vulnerable for a significant amount of time.

3. Maintain comfort levels

Having battery-backed solar panels can help you keep your lights on during a blackout, so you don't have to stumble around in the dark. In addition, air conditioning and heating systems will be able to stay powered for as long as your battery storage holds out. It will ensure that you and your family remain comfortable amid a blackout.

4. Avoid grocery spoilage

Foods stored in refrigerators and freezers can quickly spoil if power is lost for an extended time, costing you hundreds of dollars in wasted groceries. A solar system with a backup battery is essential to keeping food fresh and safe during power outages.

5. Keep medical equipment running

For those with medical conditions or disabilities, a power outage can be extremely difficult to manage. However, with solar energy and battery storage, you can keep vital medical equipment running even during an unexpected blackout.

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Enjoy Peace of Mind with Solar

Investing in a solar energy system with backup battery storage is an excellent way to get peace of mind during a power outage. By using solar energy, you'll have a reliable power source when the grid goes down and can keep your home secure, connected, and comfortable. With the right solar system, you can rest easy during moments of darkness, knowing that your home is powered by the sun.

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