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Top 3 Benefits Of Solar Panels For Your Home

Top 3 Benefits Of Solar Panels For Your Home

More and more homeowners in America are deciding to install solar panels on their homes after learning about the incredible benefits of generating clean solar energy. In this article we discuss three of the main benefits of clean solar energy and why so many people are making the switch to solar.

What Are The Main Advantages Of Solar Energy?

1.) Going Solar Can Save You Money

Most people who switch to solar are enticed by the financial benefits that come with producing solar energy. Investing in solar panels for your home can result in savings of thousands of dollars on electricity bills over the life of your solar PV system.

Studies show that residential solar PV systems can save homeowners more than $30,000 over the course of 20 years. This is pretty incredible considering that fact that most solar PV systems usually last for more than 25 years.


2.) Solar Energy Is Good For The Environment

In addition to the financial benefits of solar energy, many homeowners are drawn to the environmental benefits of solar energy.

In fact, residential solar energy is one of the most effective ways for individuals and families to participate in the fight against global climate change.

Studies have estimated that the average residential solar PV system in the United States can reduces approximately 100,000 lbs. of carbon dioxide emissions over a 20 year period.


3.) Solar Panels Can Be A Great Investment In Your Home

In addition to saving you money on your electricity bills, installing a solar PV system can also prove to be a great investment in your home.

According to research, homes with solar panels sell for approximately 17% more money than homes without solar generation capabilities.

Additionally, solar equipped homes sell approximately 20% faster than those without a solar PV system.



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