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Sunset Soiree Honors Solar Investors in Chester County, PA

Updated October 24, 2023

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Chester County, PA - The Pennsylvania Solar Center (PA Solar Center) illuminated the promising future of solar energy in Chester County through an enchanting awards ceremony. At the Sunset Soiree, held at Stargazers Vineyard & Winery, the center honored 17 local organizations with the prestigious Lodestar Award, recognizing their dedication to investing in clean, renewable solar energy.

The Lodestar Award is a distinguished accolade presented to Pennsylvania entities leading the charge in sustainable solar energy. Among the esteemed recipients were A. Duie Pyle, Berwyn Squash & Fitness Club, Blue Moon Florist, Buck Run Farm, Chester County Intermediate Unit, Church Farm School, Delaware Valley Friends School, Franklin Commons, Great Valley School District, Knox Equipment Rentals, Longwood Gardens, Lyons & Hohl, Stargazers Vineyard & Winery, Sun Center Studios, United Sports, West Chester Borough, and Yates Mushroom and Produce Co.

State Representative Danielle Friel Otten (D-Chester), in collaboration with Sharon Pillar, the Executive Director of the PA Solar Center, delivered remarks at this gala event. The soirée was generously sponsored by BAI Group, BOW Renewables, EIS Solar, and Formation Energy and showcased the solar arrays of the Lodestar Awardees.

With over 70 guests in attendance, the evening was filled with delectable food, solar-powered wine from Stargazers, and captivating music. Many attendees embraced the solar theme, adorning themselves with sun-themed accessories and vibrant colors.

Sharon Pillar expressed her enthusiasm for the event and the growing role of solar energy in Pennsylvania. She highlighted the potential for job creation and economic development if the state can establish progressive policies. Pillar stated,

"Solar is gaining prominence in the national energy landscape due to its cost-effectiveness and sustainability, but Pennsylvania has yet to unlock its full potential due to stagnant policy."

Several award recipients reiterated their commitment to solar energy. Chester County Commissioner Marian Moskowitz, who received the award on behalf of Franklin Commons, expressed her pride in seeing solar panels becoming a common sight throughout the county, underscoring the community's dedication to sustainability.

Frank Granieri, COO of Supply Chain Solutions at A. Duie Pyle, shared his company's early adoption of solar power and their pride in being honored with the Lodestar Award.

The Pennsylvania Solar Future Project projects that increasing the solar component of the state's electricity mix from the current 0.5 percent to 10 percent by 2030 could generate over 100,000 jobs and result in an annual net economic benefit of $1.6 billion.

The Sunset Soiree wasn't just a celebration of past achievements but also a glimpse into the future of clean energy expansion in Pennsylvania. The event emphasized the remarkable potential of solar energy and the significance of investing in renewable resources for the betterment of the community, the economy, and the environment.

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