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Wisconsin Solar Quick Facts

Wisconsin is illuminating the path towards a greener future, with an impressive 194,005 homes powered by solar energy. The state's commitment to sustainable living is evident through a total solar investment of $1.4 billion, showcasing its dedication to renewable energy. With a substantial 53% decline in solar prices over the past decade, Wisconsin residents have a golden opportunity to embrace solar power, reduce their carbon footprint, and enjoy the benefits of cleaner and more affordable energy.

Are solar panels worth it in Wisconsin?

Yes! Although a northern state, Wisconsin gets plenty of sunlight in all of its seasons to make solar panels a worthy investment. 

What is the cost of solar panels in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, the average cost of a home solar panel system can range between $9,000 - $14,000 before applying for any solar incentives. There are many Wisconsin solar incentives available for homes and businesses to drastically reduce the cost of solar. 

Can you get free solar panels in Wisconsin?

Yes! Wisconsin does offer solar programs and solar incentives to help homes and business get solar panels installed for free! See if you qualify for free solar installation in Wisconsin!

What are Wisconsin solar incentives?

Wisconsin solar incentives are available to help reduce the costs of solar panels and solar installations for home & business owners. These solar incentives come in the form of tax credits, tax exemptions, solar rebates, and flexible financing options.

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