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Montana Solar Quick Facts

Montana gets plenty of sunlight in all of it's seasons, making solar panels efficient year-round! The Big Sky Country offers many solar incentives such as tax breaks and net metering, which make solar panels a smart money move. With sun shining on us for over 250+ days each year, it's a great time to get into solar in Montana. Join in on Montana's solar boom and invest in a greener, profitable future!

Are solar panels worth it in Montana?

Yes! Despite it's northern location, Montana receives over 250+ sunny days per year, making it a great place to adopt solar energy. Also, Solar panels work very well in cold weather for those cold winters.

How much do solar panels cost in Montana?

On average, the cost of a total home solar system is in Montana is between $10,000 - $14,000 before utilizing Montana solar incentives. See which Montana solar incentives you qualify for with a customized solar quote!

Can you get free solar panels in Montana?

Yes! The state of Montana has several solar programs and solar incentives to help residents get free solar panels installed for their homes and businesses! Read the complete guide to installing Free Solar Panels in Montana

What are Montana solar incentives?

Solar incentives in Montana are available to help reduce the costs of solar panels and solar installations for home & business owners. These solar incentives come in the form of tax credits, tax exemptions, solar rebates, flexible financing options, and more!

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