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Peacock Solar Provides Texas with 187 mw of Clean Energy and Pioneers Hydrogen Technology

Updated October 23, 2023

Texas “Peacock Solar” Clean Energy and Hydrogen Technology

SAN PATRICIO COUNTY, TEXAS – BP plc, a global energy leader, has broken ground on its groundbreaking Peacock Solar project, an impressive 187 megawatt solar venture situated just 10 miles north of Corpus Christi in San Patricio County, Texas. This ambitious project marks a significant milestone in BP's commitment to renewable energy and a cleaner, more sustainable future.

In a recent announcement, BP revealed that all the elect

ricity generated by the Peacock Solar project will be sold through a long-term power purchase agreement to Gulf Coast Growth Ventures (GCGV), a powerful joint venture between ExxonMobil Corp and Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC). GCGV is renowned for producing materials used in various essential applications, from clothing to food containers, packaging, agricultural film, and construction materials. This agreement exemplifies the spirit of collaboration and innovation in the energy industry.

The Peacock Solar project's strategic location near the GCGV complex ensures the direct supply of renewable power to the facility, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally responsible manufacturing process. Once fully operational, the installation will annually generate sufficient renewable energy to power approximately 34,000 homes, reducing the region's carbon footprint significantly.

BP's dynamic partnership with Lightsource BP, a global solar leader, will oversee the project's development and construction. PCL Construction, the primary engineering, procurement, and construction contractor, will install cutting-edge ultra-low carbon solar panels and trackers from renowned manufacturers First Solar and GameChange Solar, respectively. These advanced technologies highlight BP's dedication to efficiency and sustainability in energy production.

During the construction phase, the Peacock project is expected to create approximately 300 jobs, providing a substantial economic boost to the region. Furthermore, it is anticipated that the project will generate over $25 million in tax revenue during its initial 25-year operational period, reinforcing its position as an asset to the community and local economy.

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As part of BP's holistic approach to energy initiatives, the Peacock project will also feature several agricultural and biodiversity activities. These initiatives include planting vegetation, enhancing habitat value, and promoting sheep grazing at the site. By incorporating these measures, BP seeks to promote environmental stewardship, improve local habitat conditions, and contribute positively to the rural economy.

Peacock is an essential component of BP's ambitious goal to invest in and develop 50 gigawatts (GW) of renewable energy capacity by 2030. The project aligns perfectly with the company's strategy to achieve strong returns from renewable energy initiatives.

BP America Chairman and President, Dave Lawler, emphasized the project's significance, stating, "Securing this agreement and kicking off construction of Peacock helps support the transition to lower carbon energy while benefiting local communities and the economy. It's another way BP is accelerating the growth of our U.S. solar generation capacity, investing in America, and advancing our transformation to an integrated energy company."

Gulf Coast Growth Ventures (GCGV) President, Paul Fritsch, reaffirmed the project's commitment to sustainability, saying, "Once online, the solar-generated electricity will be used to partially power our plant and help reduce emissions in support of a net-zero future."

As Texas emerges as a leading solar power state, BP's investment in the Peacock Solar project underscores the vast potential for solar energy expansion in the region.

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With over 40 GW of capacity expected to be installed in the next five years, Texas is poised to play a pivotal role in the renewable energy landscape.

In parallel to its solar endeavors, BP ventures into the future of hydrogen technology through a strategic $12.5 million Series A financing in Advanced Ionics, a pioneering hydrogen technology company. With support from Clean Energy Ventures, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and GVP Climate, this investment aims to catalyze the deployment of Advanced Ionics' innovative Symbion water vapor electrolyzer technology. This technology offers a revolutionary approach to green hydrogen production by addressing cost and electricity requirements, key barriers to expanding green hydrogen's role in heavy industry.

Advanced Ionics CEO, Chad Mason, expressed optimism,

"BP ventures' investment in Advanced Ionics is a powerful backing of our technology's potential to help accelerate green hydrogen's future and heavy industry's shift towards decarbonization. The results we've achieved in our testing along with early customer interest have indicated that we are an ideal technology provider for industrial customers looking to augment, expand, or replace their existing hydrogen production facilities with green hydrogen."

BP Ventures Vice President, Gareth Burns, highlighted the potential of Advanced Ionics' technology, saying,

"Advanced Ionics' technology has the potential to drive down cost and disrupt the hydrogen market. As the world transitions to a net zero future, it's important to us to be investing in these technologies and advance the track to deploying green hydrogen."

These strategic steps signify BP's unwavering commitment to shaping a cleaner and more sustainable energy landscape, fostering innovation, and driving a green energy revolution.

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