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Overcoming Resistance: The Knoches’ Quest for Solar Energy

Updated April 8, 2024

Overcoming Resistance The Knoches' Quest for Solar Energy

In the heart of Kansas, Donna Knoche, at 93 years old, finds herself standing before the Johnson County Commission, advocating for her family's right to harness solar energy on their ancestral land. With unwavering determination, she speaks out against opposition, championing the use of their property for the greater good of their family's legacy and the environment.


The proposal for a utility-size solar farm, known as the West Gardner Solar Project, sparks heated debate among locals. While some recognize the need for clean energy, others vehemently oppose the development, citing concerns about industrialization and environmental impact. Yet, for the Knoches, the decision to explore solar energy isn't just about profit; it's about preserving their land for future generations.


Despite facing resistance and enduring lengthy bureaucratic processes, the Knoches remain steadfast in their commitment to sustainable land management. With deep roots in Kansas soil, they refuse to let fear of change overshadow their vision for a brighter, greener future.


As the battle for renewable energy rages on, the Knoches stand as a beacon of resilience, challenging conventions and paving the way for progress. Their story serves as a testament to the power of perseverance and the importance of embracing innovation in the face of adversity.


Join us in celebrating the Knoches' journey towards solar energy, as they continue to inspire change and advocate for a sustainable tomorrow!


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