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Ohio’s Best Spots Total Solar Eclipse Viewing Guide April 8 2024

Updated March 11, 2024

Ohio's Best Spots Total Solar Eclipse Viewing Guide April 8 2024


As Ohio eagerly awaits the total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, let's take a moment to reflect on the valuable lessons learned from previous eclipses. In October 2023, the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) faced a significant challenge as an annular solar eclipse dimmed 9.374 GW of solar power while gross load increased by 2.374 GW.


Despite the challenges, CAISO's proactive approach and innovative strategies ensured grid reliability during the eclipse. Collaborating with interstate and intrastate gas suppliers, hydro, and battery resources, CAISO managed large ramps and issued market notifications to renewable and battery resources. Additionally, utilizing tools like the Minimum State-of-Charge tool, CAISO ensured storage resources were charged in real-time, contributing to a successful management of energy resources.


Drawing inspiration from CAISO's success, Ohioans can look forward to experiencing the 2024 total solar eclipse with confidence. Cleveland emerges as one of the prime spots for optimal viewing, with a totality duration of nearly four minutes. Other locations in Ohio, such as Forest, Upper Sandusky, and Amherst, also offer substantial totality times, promising memorable viewing experiences for eclipse enthusiasts.


As we prepare for the upcoming eclipse, let's leverage the lessons learned and the successful management of energy resources during previous eclipses. By adopting proactive approaches and innovative strategies, we can ensure a seamless viewing experience and continue our journey towards a sustainable energy future.
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