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North Carolina Solar Incentives 2023

Updated April 12, 2024

Complete Guide to North Carolina Solar Incentives

North Carolina ranks among the top 5 best places to go solar in the US! In the Tar Heel State, solar energy powers over 950,000 homes & businesses! So why are so many people in NC going solar?

Along with 300+ sunny days per year, North Carolina offers many solar incentives and discounts to enocurage residents to convert to renewable solar energy. Read on to learn more or enter your zip code below to see exactly which solar incentive your home qualifies for!

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Top 5 North Carolina Solar Incentives in 2023

North Carolina solar programs you may be eligible for in 2023.

The Federal Solar Tax Credit

As a homeowner in North Carolina that pays federal taxes with solar panels installed on your roof, you might be eligible for a tax credit worth 30% of your cost. For example, if your solar panel installation costs you $30,000, you might be eligible for $9000 in credit when you file for tax in 2023. See if you Qualify for the Federal Solar Tax Credit

Net Metering in North Carolina

If you produce excess solar energy in your home, you can send it to the grid and get extra credits rather than storing it with your battery. The former option is cheaper and more rewarding, while the latter is not capital-intensive. North Carolina has a net metering policy that credits you for excess electricity during surplus and allows you to use those credits when you have a power generation shortage. See which Net Metering programs you qualify for.

State Property Tax Exemption

This is the commonest state-level solar tax incentive that allows you, as a homeowner, to exempt your solar system's value from your property's overall value. That means the additional value your solar installation adds to your home will not be included in your tax assessment. However, this NC solar incentive is only available to homeowners that use their properties for residential purposes only. 

Building Permit Rebates

For some North Carolina residents, you can qualify for building permits and specific renewable energy technologies, including the solar system.  The solar rebate is available to both private and business homeowners.

Solar Financing Options

The NC government has implemented legislation encouraging cities and counties to provide low-interest loans for homeowners looking to install solar panel systems and other green energy technology. Thus, you can get an interest rate of not more than 8% for a loan term of 20 years or less. The terms allow you to renew the loan as needed. Read more about financing options and learn how to get free solar panels installed in North Carolina. 

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Going Solar in North Carolina

EcoGen America is a North Carolina based solar company dedicated to educating and assisting homeowners on their path to renewable solar energy. With a free solar quote, you will have access to a dedicated solar expert who can show you all of your savings options and answer all of your questions about solar energy. Start today, with no costs and no obligation to explore all of your solar options in North Carolina!

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Yes, North Carolina residents are eligible for a 30% solar panel tax credit under the Green Energy Tax Credit. This federal tax credit is set to expire in 2030 unless it is extended by the government.

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