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New Jersey Community Solar: Benefits in Participating

Updated April 8, 2024

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Hey there, New Jersey homeowners & renters!

If you've been curious about tapping into solar energy savings, here's some exciting news for you.

The Community Solar Energy Program (CSEP) in New Jersey is paving the way for accessible renewable energy. Recent projects have added 12 MW of renewable energy, benefiting residents who previously couldn't access solar savings.

With community solar subscriptions, you're guaranteed a minimum 15% discount on your utility bill throughout your subscription period.

The 225 MW capacity block for 2024 opened in November 2023, and the response was overwhelming – over 300 applications were received for this block, showcasing the high demand.


Although the PSE&G community solar block is full, there's still available capacity in other service areas, including Jersey Central Power & Light and Atlantic City Electric Company.


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