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New Jersey Approves Electric Meter Socket Adapters for Affordable Solar Transition

Updated October 24, 2023

NJ Approves S3092 bill Electric Meter Socket AdaptersNew Jersey, a pioneering state in the realm of clean energy, has demonstrated its commitment to advancing the adoption of rooftop solar, battery storage, and electric vehicle chargers within residential communities. In a significant legislative move, the state enacted Bill S3092 on September 12th, compelling public electric utilities to grant approval for the installation and operation of a groundbreaking innovation known as the "meter collar adapter."

Under the new law, utilities are obliged to evaluate and provide or deny approval for specific meter socket adapters within 90 days after receiving manufacturer submissions, as long as these devices meet rigorous criteria for safety, suitability, and alignment with the National Electrical Code.

ConnectDER, a notable company in the clean energy sector, offers a UL-listed "plug-and-play" collar or meter socket adapter (MSA). This innovative device seamlessly integrates diverse energy sources into the distribution grid at the meter, offering a user-friendly and secure solution for homeowners.

The passing of this forward-thinking, subsidy-free legislation marks a significant milestone in New Jersey's journey towards electrification. It's anticipated to enhance residents' access to more affordable options for solar, battery storage, and electric vehicle charging.

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Jon Knauer, ConnectDER's VP of Policy and Market Strategy notes that this achievement is the result of collaborative efforts and positions New Jersey as a trailblazer for this technology in the mid-Atlantic region. The company looks forward to expanding the availability of meter adapters across the area.

Sunrun, a key player in the solar industry, also welcomed this law, considering it a positive stride towards facilitating home solar and battery deployment. Thad Culley, Director of Public Policy at Sunrun, emphasizes the importance of removing unnecessary barriers for homeowners and streamlining the process, thereby reducing costs and complexity for all interested in adopting solar and battery technologies.

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