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Nevada’s Solar Workforce Faces Changes: Impact on Solar Companies

Updated April 8, 2024

Nevada's Solar Workforce Faces Changes Impact Solar Companies


Changes are on the horizon for Nevada's solar workforce, signaling potential seismic shifts for the state's solar industry. Nevada currently leads the nation in solar industry jobs per capita.


As per the upcoming SB 293 law, slated to take effect on January 1, 2024, independent contractors selling solar panels must hold a license issued by the State Contractor’s Board. Failure to comply with this requirement means that independent contractors must transition to being W-2 employees of a licensed individual by the specified date.


The implications of this law are significant. Violations may lead to disciplinary action by the State Contractor’s Board, deceptive trade practice violations, administrative fines, criminal charges, and monetary damages. Legal issues arising from worker misclassification can quickly escalate, resulting in substantial penalties.


Solar employers are urged to take proactive measures to ensure compliance. It's crucial for them to assess their workforce for adherence to regulations and consider whether solar salespersons need to be converted to W-2 employees.
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