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Join DOE’s Clean Grid Movement

Updated February 23, 2024

Department of Energy Clean Grid MovementWashington, D.C. – U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has unveiled an exciting draft roadmap to tackle interconnection challenges within our transmission grid. But this isn't just another dry policy document; it's a vibrant call to action, teeming with the buzz of clean energy innovation. The DOE has called upon the public for their invaluable input before they drop the final version.

Picture this: a collective of forward-thinking clean energy champions, summoned by the DOE through the Interconnection Innovation e-Xchange (i2X), have crafted a practical roadmap. This roadmap is set to be the guiding light for ushering in a new era of connecting clean energy sources while unclogging the current bottleneck of solar, wind, and battery projects waiting to break ground. Why the rush? The United States is gearing up to supercharge its solar and wind energy capacity to fulfill the ambitious vision of a decarbonized electricity sector by 2035, set by the Biden-Harris Administration.

Yet, as the appetite for renewable energy swells and incentives skyrocket, the interconnection process has become bogged down in bureaucracy. That's where this roadmap comes into play. It promises to streamline and modernize interconnection procedures, making them more cost-effective and inclusive, and thus supercharging clean energy projects across the nation.

Jeff Marootian, the principal deputy assistant secretary for energy efficiency and renewable energy, emphasized the urgency:

"By the end of 2022, over 2,000 GW of solar, wind, and storage capacity were stuck in transmission interconnection queues. To achieve our climate goals, we need a complete revamp of the current rules and procedures for connecting to the grid."

He pointed to the DOE's i2X initiative, a powerful coalition set to roll out practical solutions over the next five years and beyond.

The hurdles faced by new clean energy projects are no secret. The labyrinthine approval processes have led to delays, inequities, and mounting costs, affecting not only developers but also consumers, utilities, and regulators.

The i2X draft roadmap outlines four key objectives:

  1. Boost Data Access and Transparency
  2. Enhance Process Efficiency and Timing
  3. Drive Economic Efficiency
  4. Safeguard Grid Reliability

i2X sprang into action in June 2022, buoyed by funding from the President's Bipartisan Infrastructure Law which allocates $108 billion to bolster federal public transportation initiatives, ensuring $91 billion in assured funding. i2X's mission? To simplify, expedite, and make the interconnection of clean energy resources fairer while bolstering the security and resilience of our electric grid. Since its launch, the DOE has orchestrated more than 2,000 stakeholders in a whopping 22 virtual public meetings, where they dissected critical issues like cost allocation, queue management, data transparency, equity, and more.

But here's where you come in. The DOE has just sent out a Request for Information (RFI) to gather insights from interconnection stakeholders about the challenges and solutions within the roadmap. Grid operators, utilities, governments, clean energy innovators, and many more are urged to contribute. The deadline for responses is November 22, 2023.

Keep an eye out because the DOE is gearing up to finalize the transmission roadmap and unveil a second volume, focusing on the distribution grid in the months to come.

i2X is a brilliant initiative born out of DOE's Solar Energy Technologies Office and Wind Energy Technology Office, symbolizing the nation's resolve to ride the clean energy wave into the future.

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