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Are Solar Panels Worth it in North Carolina?

Are Solar Panels Worth It in North Carolina

Solar panels have become very popular recently, and for good reason. Over 1.5 Million homes converting to solar energy in the last 3 years. But are solar panels worth it in North Carolina?

With more than 250+ sunny days per year and nation leading solar incentives, North Carolina ranks among the top 5 best places to go solar in the US! Read on to learn more or enter you zip code to see exactly which solar incentives you qualify for!

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Solar Power in North Carolina

To properly evaluate if solar panels are worth it in North Carolina, having the fundamental knowledge of solar panel programs in the state is important. Here are some quick facts about solar panels in NC: 

???? North Carolina has an Abundance of Sunshine 

NC exceeds the national average with 250+ sunny days in a year. Moreover, four of the state's most populous metros of, Greensboro, Charlotte, Wilmington, and Raleigh, are among the US sunniest cities. This implies that NC has the right condition to maximize solar panel efficiency throughout the year. 

???? North Carolina Solar Incentives

 The average cost of a North Carolina home solar system is between $11,000 - $14,000. However, there are many NC solar incentives to help reduce the cost of going solar and eliminate installation costs. These include the federal solar tax credit, net metering, state property tax exemption, and others. You can check the full NC solar incentives here. 

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???? Energy Costs in North Carolina

North Carolina's primary energy provider, Duke Energy, stated that the monthly electricity bill would increase by 8.2%. That means if you were using 1,000 kWh per month, you'd pay an additional $8.71, which will take your monthly bill from $106.23 to $114.94. This means, it might be a good time to consider a cheaper alternative to traditional electricity. 

⬆️ Improved Home Value

"Do solar panels increase house value?" Yes, solar panel installation can increase your NC home's property worth, although that will vary based on your property location. According to the National Energy Laboratory, for every $1 saved on utility bills, you increase your home value by $20. That is, if the solar system helps you save $500 per year, you will have a $10,000 increase in your home evaluation. 

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???? Solar Pay Back Period

Another advantage of solar panel installation is that it eventually covers its own bill. How long does it take for solar panels to pay for themselves in North Carolina? On average, it takes 10-12 to earn your initial investment back on solar panel system installation in NC. However, you need to consider important factors such as your home orientation, average monthly energy consumption, roof shading, system size, and others. Check the estimate with a solar panel cost calculator or request a free solar saving quote.

Going Solar in North Carolina

Based on the benefits of using solar panels in North Carolina, there is no doubt that solar power is a worthy investment in NC. It saves electricity costs, improves your property value, and enables you to contribute to a green and sustainable environment. 

At EcoGen, America, we're here to help you explore all of your solar options and save money on your transisiton to solar energy. Contact us today to get a customized quote for your home or business. Our local solar experts are always available to provide you with the best options. 

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Yes! North Carolina receives more than 250+ sunny days per year, making solar panels an efficient energy solution, year-round! See more pros & cons to solar in NC. 

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