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Are Solar Panels Worth it in Nevada?

Updated April 12, 2024

Solar Worth it In NV

With solar energy continuing to take off as a viable form of power, many eco-conscience Americans are checking to see whether their own residences have any easy pathway toward this transition. For homeowners living in Nevada, plenty of opportunities have sprung up for solar panel installation. If you’re a resident of NV, consider looking into Nevada solar incentives as a start.

Climate and Weather Conditions in Nevada

In terms of external conditions, climate and weather will factor into how well solar energy is able to power an area. For a solar-based renewable energy system, states that are nearest to the equator tend to receive more sunlight on an annual basis – which produces stronger bursts of solar power. When it comes to natural resources, Nevada is abundant in sunlight exposure, in turn producing greater amounts of energy. Nevada property owners rarely need to worry about experiencing bouts of energy loss due to a lack of sunlight, making Nevada a great place for solar panel installation. Over time, some solar paneling systems can be worn down by hot or humid weather, which is why it’s recommended that you invest in a durable system with a quality conduction design.

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How Nevada Ranks Nationally

According to SEIA, Nevada ranks 6th place among the states in terms of solar energy production. The state has over 850,000 homes that are powered by solar electricity, over 7,000 solar jobs, and 87 renewable energy companies that are involved in installation projects. In addition to this, Nevada is projected to continue growing in its solar ambitions, including the development of resources and policies that will make solar paneling more affordable to the average homeowner. As a resident of this state, you can look forward to more resources for this endeavor, including Nevada solar incentives such as tax exemptions, grants, or loans. It’s just a matter of finding the available resources.

Why Switch to Solar Energy?

So are solar panels worth the investment? For many Nevada residents, the answer is YES.
If you want to research further, you can search the DSIRE incentives database for up-to-date information on solar energy incentives, including grant programs like the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) or the Portfolio Energy Credits. Or you can visit the Nevada State Energy Office, which provides more information on government programs, policies, projects, and energy-saving strategies that are being implemented. There are also informational resources on federal incentives like the Federal Solar Tax Credit, allowing homeowners to deduct up to 30% on a solar panel system that’s been installed in the last few years. You can, of course, learn more about solar energy at the EcoGen Learning Center.

However, if you would like to save yourself the time of researching all of the solar incentives that are available to you, you can speak with a local solar expert without any price or obligation to ask all of your questions about solar and how to install solar panels in Nevada.

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