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Is Solar Energy Reliable? Why the Power of Solar Energy Continues to Grow

is solar energy reliable

Solar Power is a renewable energy resource that has quickly adapted to a changing landscape. As solar power technologies evolve and improve, our reliance on Solar Energy will continue to naturally increase as it has become a proven and reliable alternative to our conventional power resources that are quickly becoming depleted.

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What makes Solar Energy Reliable?

The concept of Solar Energy is quite simple in that as long as the sun is shining, we are able to harness the power of the sun’s rays and easily convert those rays to energy. However, the sun does not shine 24 hours a day and peak usage of electricity typically occurs in the evening after the sun has set. These realities leave many wondering how they will be able to power their home at night or during cloudy and inclement weather. With the availability of home solar batteries, homeowners are now able to store excess energy created during the day for use during peak times, in the event of an emergency, or when a main power grid goes offline. Lithium ion batteries now allow you to store and use more of the solar energy you are creating thus reducing your overall energy costs and maximizing your savings.

Solar Panels have a high reliability rate among their manufacturers and most panel warranties are guaranteed for 25 to 30 years. With little maintenance necessary, over 2 million Americans are currently reaping the benefits of solar power. As more consumers demand access to Solar Power, solar panel suppliers & manufacturers are consistently improving on existing panel and battery technologies to create better performing, long-lasting, and reliable solar products for consumers. Net metering now requires utility companies to compensate solar consumers that export extra energy to the power grid. Consumers are typically credited at the same rate they are charged when they purchase power on a cent per kilowatt-hour basis. In essence, any extra power you may need to purchase may end up paying for itself should you happen to supply the power grid with any of your excess solar energy.

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One of the greatest benefits of Solar energy is that it gives you control over your own electricity supply. It makes you less reliant on conventional electric sources that are not only harmful to the environment, but could also fail due to disaster, weather or a host of other unforeseen circumstances. It is a safe, reliable, and proven energy technology that is becoming more affordable and accessible to everyday Americans.

Solar power does not produce harmful emissions like other energy products such as oil, gas and coal. These harmful emissions contribute to air, water and soil pollution that continue to breakdown our environment and lead the progression of global warming. Solar Power is not only a reliable resource, it is very much a part of the larger solution to reducing our dependability on scarce natural materials and damaging fossil fuels.

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