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How To Store Solar Energy

how to store solar energy

Solar Energy is a renewable resource that allows us to harness the power of the sun by converting solar rays into energy to power our homes and businesses. The concept and application of solar power has been utilized for many years, but the industry has seen exponential growth within the last decade as advances in solar energy storage continue to be developed and progress.


With the demand for solar power increasing, the shift to more affordable and accessible solar products has grown and new technologies have emerged. As consumers desire more energy independence and become less reliant on fossil fuels, the solar industry has met supporters with tangible storage solutions like batteries. These batteries allow consumers to utilize more of the power that they are already producing with their existing panels by storing excess energy for use at a later time.

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Why Use a Solar Battery?

Battery Storage is the most common application for residential solar storage and allows you to become more energy independent as you store your own excess electricity, thus reducing your dependence on the power grid. Most home solar battery units last anywhere from 5 to 15 years depending on the type of battery with Lithium Ion leading the pack.


Most of us are already familiar with Lithium Ion batteries as they power many of the electronics we use throughout the day like cell phones and laptops. With other industries such as the electric car market driving technical advances in lithium ion batteries, solar energy companies are able to apply new advances to solar storage products and improve upon existing batteries, thus making them more affordable, smaller, and cost-effective.


Utilizing solar energy alone, most average households can easily cover 50% or more of their electricity needs. While having a solar battery is not a requirement for your home solar system, the addition of a battery enables you to maximize your self-consumption and reduce your dependence on the grid for power during a blackout, disaster, or during peak usage times. The energy produced by solar panels during the daytime will be directly supplied to the power appliances in your house. At night, the appliances can still be run on the energy stored in the batteries of the solar system.


Solar Power is an evolving technology with an array of benefits to both homeowners and businesses alike. By utilizing solar energy storage products like batteries, consumers are able to reap the benefits of the sun 24 hours a day and further reduce their dependence on unsustainable conventional power sources such as oil, gas, and coal.

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