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Democrats fight back after DeSantis vetoes state-administered funding for a solar rebate program

Updated February 23, 2024

Democrats fight DeSantis solar rebate program veto federal incentivesFlorida's Democratic leaders are pushing for federal intervention in establishing solar incentives, following Governor Ron DeSantis's decision to veto state-administered funding for $510.9 billion worth of programs.

As the situation unfolds, the stark facts emerge:

  1. Loss of Federal Funding: DeSantis's veto has resulted in the loss of nearly half a billion dollars in federal grant funding, which could have been used to bolster solar energy initiatives.

According to FDP Chair Nikki Fried,

"His obsession with the presidency cost Floridians nearly half a billion dollars in federal grant funding — funding that comes straight from our taxes — all in an effort to impress farmers in Iowa. If only he cared about putting money back in the pockets of farmers in Florida."

  1. Seventy-Fold Loss: The veto has led to a substantial financial setback for Floridians. The loss encompasses $174 million in rebates for energy-efficiency improvements, $173 million for rebates for energy-efficient home appliances, and $7 million allocated for a training program for electrical contractors. In total, a staggering $354 million will not reach the people of Florida.

U.S. Rep. Darren Soto urged the U.S. Energy Department to step in, saying,

"These rebates stand to assist families in need who are looking to upgrade their homes with more energy-efficient appliances, accelerating the nation’s transition toward clean energy."

  1. Time-Sensitive Programs: The urgency lies in the limited availability of these rebate programs, which are set to last for the next 10 years. It's imperative for the U.S. Energy Department to take swift action to enable thousands of families to benefit from these vital incentives.

FDP Chair Nikki Fried underlines the need for the U.S. Energy Department's involvement:

"Communities in Florida should be able to choose to participate for themselves, instead of being left at the mercy of a wannabe presidential candidate with a point to prove."

These quotes highlight the critical need for federal intervention to rescue Florida's solar incentives, empowering local communities and advancing the state's clean energy agenda.

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