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Delaware Solar Incentives 2024

Complete Guide to DE Solar Incentives

Residents of Delaware have done a fantastic job at harness the powering of their sun's energy. In fact, 4.2% of all Delaware's electricity comes from solar energy, which is more than the nation's average of 3.4%!

One reason for this increase in solar adoption is the competitive Delaware solar incentives, available for home and business owners in The First State. In this article we will go over the top Delaware solar incentives, rebates, and discounts available.

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Top Delaware Solar Incentives in 2023

As we drive down Route 1, we are seeing a lot more homes and businesses harness the power of the sun with a Delaware solar power system. This is not surprising when you consider Delaware receives, on average, more than 250+ sunny days per year. And they have some of the best financial incentives and rebates in the industry.

No Sales Tax in Delaware is an advantage that MOST of America does not have. This makes solar panels in Delaware 4%-7% cheaper than its neighboring states.

In combination with the federal solar tax credit, solar renewable energy certificates, green energy program, and Delaware net metering programs, and local solar rebates. Delaware is becoming one of the most popular places to use solar panels. Here is a breakdown of the best Delaware solar incentives.

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The Federal Solar Tax Credit In Delaware

The land of the free and the home of the... solar panels? Thanks to our federal government, home and business owners who install solar are eligible for up to a 30% tax credit for the cost of their solar system, including the solar installation costs.

This Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (also known as the Clean Energy Tax Credit) is one of the largest and most popular solar incentives, so it is important to work with professional solar installers in your area to ensure you maximize this benefit and apply for the credit correctly.

This tax credit is available for both residential and commercial systems, so it's a great option for businesses that want to go solar!

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Net Metering & Solar Renewable Energy Credits

Solar panels work very well in Delaware and on a sunny day is very likely to produce more energy than your house uses during the day. So the question arises, what do you do with the excess solar energy? Well, with Net Metering programs, you can sell the excess energy back to the Delaware solar grid in return for solar renewable energy certificates (SRECs). You can use these SRECs to even further reduce your monthly energy costs. And your solar energy system will use power from the shared power grid when you need it. At the end of the month, your will be compensated for the amount of energy you gave to the Delaware power grid, via Net Metering.

Net Energy = (solar power you give) - (solar power you use)

Not all states provide these programs so this is another unique advantage of going solar in Delaware.

Delaware Solar Incentive Programs

The Delaware Solar Incentive Program (DSIP) is a state-funded program that offers financial assistance for solar installations.

The program provides rebates to homeowners who install solar panels. The amount of the rebate depends on the size of the solar system installed. Systems up to 15 kilowatts in size are eligible for a rebate of $0.50 per watt, which can add up to a significant savings!

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Delaware Solar Rebates

Although there are no statewide solar rebates in Delaware, a few different Delaware utility companies are doing their part to help reduce your solar costs.

  • Delmarva Power pays up to $6,000 to Delmarva power customers for installing solar. You can receive $0.70 per watt for the size of your solar system.
  • The Newark Utilities Department offers a rebate of $0.50 per watt for solar installations, and the City of Wilmington offers a rebate of $0.75 per watt. Delaware Power and Light also has a few programs that provide benefits.
  • Delaware Electric Cooperative supports solar energy by providing grants to Delaware residents. These solar systems must be installed by qualified solar panel installation companies to be eligible. DEC customers can also receive a $0.50 per watt rebate up to a 5kW solar system and +$0.20 per watt for systems larger than 5kW.

These rebates can add up to significant savings, but it can be hard to know which rebates are best for you and your situation. You can speak with a Delaware solar expert to evaluate your situation and help you save the most amount of money on your switch to solar.

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How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Delaware?

Each year, more and more programs are developed to support clean energy. Especially in Delaware, where so the objective to convert to solar energy is so clear. Solar panels are a great way to power Delaware homes and business and they are less expensive then ever before.

If you're interested in going solar, but not sure how much they will cost for your specific situation. Use the link below to get a customized solar quote from Delaware solar professionals, for free.

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Key Takeaways

  • There is no sales tax on solar panels in Delaware.
  • The Clean Energy Tax Credit can save you up to 30% on your taxes when you install solar panels on your home or business.
  • Net Energy Metering is a great way to increase solar savings in Delaware.
  • Delaware utility companies offer additional solar rebates to their customers
  • Solar panels are more affordable than ever before. You can get a customized solar panel quote for free with EcoGen America. Delaware's top rated solar company!

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