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Biden-Harris Administration Announces $82 Million Government Solar Program

Updated December 28, 2023

A Brighter Tomorrow Biden-Harris Administration's $82 Million Investment Reshaping America's Solar (1)

Currently, more than 25+ Million homes in America run off solar power! And with more homes & businesses converting to solar everyday, its important to remember that this is only the beginning of the solar revolution in the USA!

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The $82 Million Solar Investment

In April 2023, The U.S. Department of Energy announced a $82 million investment in 19 solar programs to strengthen the domestic solar supply chain and support grid integration, as part of The Biden-Harris' Administrations goals of investing in solar energy. This investment aims to enhance solar manufacturing, recycling, and technology development, promoting more efficient solar cells and diversifying the solar supply chain.

The Biden-Harris Administration's goal is to achieve a 100% clean electricity grid by 2035 and net-zero carbon emissions by 2050! With help from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law & Inflation Reduction Act, the solar panel manufacturing in America is expected to grow 8x and create over 100,000+ new job in the solar industry.

Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Solar Program

Eight projects focusing on improving solar panel recycling and increasing efficiency will be funded under President Biden's Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. These projects aim to address the end-of-life management of photovoltaic (PV) components, as 95% of a PV module is recyclable, but current economic factors make recycling unfavorable. By designing modules for recycling, more materials can be recovered and reintroduced into the domestic supply chain.

Selected projects include the development of new metal inks, copper- and aluminum-based metal pastes, standards for tracing solar modules, materials for selective metal removal, and methods for separating valuable recyclable materials in solar cells. These projects will receive funding ranging from $750,000 to $1.5 million each. Some of the states focusing on these efforts are Texas, Georgia, Illinois, California, North Carolina, & Florida.

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Ohio State Solar Programs

Ohio has quickly become one of the leading solar states in America and continues to push the renewable energy agenda forward, sponsoring major solar initiatives to help the US solar supply chain. Learn more about solar power in Ohio. 

Ohio will host 2 major projects from The Solar Manufacturing Incubator program, totaling $16 million, to accelerate the commercialization of innovative ideas for the domestic manufacturing of cadmium telluride (CdTe) PV technologies. First Solar will receive $7.3 million to develop a more efficient tandem module combining CdTe and silicon for residential rooftops, while Toledo Solar will be awarded $8.8 million to demonstrate the application of semitransparent CdTe solar panels to windows, tapping into a new market for thin-film solar devices.

You can read more about Ohio Solar Programs & Incentives here.

California State Solar Programs

The State of California has awarded two companies with grants to improve and further develop solar energy technology. LITESPEED Energy from Livermore, CA will receive $1.6 million to improve floating PV systems to make them more resistant to wind and waves. Meanwhile, Mirai Solar from Mountainview, CA will receive $1.4 million to develop and commercialize a foldable PV solar screen with variable shading and output power for controlled environment greenhouses.

These projects are aimed at improving energy grid resilience and promoting clean energy production to help reach America's goals of a 100 percent clean electricity grid by 2035 and net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Colorado State Solar Programs

The state of Colorado has awarded two grants to companies for the development of new solar technologies. BREK Electronics from Broomfield, CO will receive $500,000 to develop a new inverter technology that uses a silicon carbide transistor and high frequency planar magnetics to reduce the cost and size of grid-tied inverters. Meanwhile, the University of Colorado Boulder will receive $9 million to design and build tandem silicon-perovskite solar cells and compare different manufacturing methods for the perovskite layer to increase efficiency and durability. These investments are aimed at promoting the growth of the US solar industry and accelerating the transition to a clean energy economy.

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Support For Solar Programs in America

The national effort to increase renewable energy and support solar panel production in the United States has shown to be a moment to come together and work towards a shared goal and shared vision. Additional states involved in this government solar program include, New Mexico, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Maryland.

With this government announcement, The United States has shown the direction of the future and the potential of solar energy. Solar panels have the power to generate clean renewable energy, reduce energy costs for all Americans, and help to make our country a more sustainable place to live.

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