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Best Season to Install Solar

Updated February 23, 2024

Autumn best time for solar installationAs Hamlet said,

"To Freeze or Not to Be? And that is no longer the question".

After all, your summer heat induced air conditioner use does not have to abuse your utility bill if you just invest in solar electricity. You can have it both ways.

And now that this summer is over, you are right in time to invest in solar panels at the best time of the year – not during the peak of summer's heat, but rather in the autumn chill.

Here are the top five reasons why autumn is the perfect season for solar panels and how it can help you save money, hassle, and the environment:

1. Shorter Installation Wait Times for installation and permitting, which often plague the summer months. In the fall, things cool down – not just the weather but the solar panel installation process too. You'll experience shorter wait times, smoother permitting, and personalized attention from solar providers, ensuring a quicker setup.

2. Ideal Weather for Solar Panel Installations as summer is too hot for comfort when installing, but prime time to harness solar energy. With asphalt roofs reaching scorching temperatures, the installation process may be delayed. Fall, however, brings milder and often drier weather, ideal for solar panel installation.

3. Better Deals from Solar Panel Companies as the "off-season" – during fall, winter, and spring – is less popular than summer. Solar installers often look to overcome seasonality by offering discounts and rebates. You can save thousands on your solar panel cost by opting for installation when demand is lower.

4. Lock In Solar Incentives Before Year End and fall is usually the last chance to seize local incentive programs that might be expiring. Even though the federal investment tax credit (ITC) was extended through 2035, local or state incentives could be ending. By installing your solar panels in the fall, you ensure you have ample time to claim these incentives during tax season.

5. More Time for Decision Making as in the summer heat, you might feel rushed into making a hasty solar panel installation decision. Waiting until fall allows you the luxury of time for thorough research, comparing quotes, and building stronger relationships with solar providers like us. This way, you'll not only get the best price but also ensure your solar system suits your home perfectly.

Autumn line, don't rush into solar decisions. Wait for the weather to cool down and the heat stroke to pass – a smoother, more cost-effective journey to harnessing solar power is in your power.

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