Are Solar Panels Worth It In Massachusetts?

Is Solar Worth It In Massachusetts

As renewable energy is becomming more important than ever before, many home and business owners are becoming more curious about the benefit of solar panels. In recent years, the overall cost of solar has decreased as the techonology has improved greatly. But how about Massachusetts? With cold weather, is solar panels worth it in Massachusetts? Fortunately, the quick answer is yes.

Massachusetts was #10 in the US national solar rankings 2022. Massachusetts has already started converting to renewable energy at a commercial level and are incentivizing homeowners to do the same. Some of these efforts include reducing the costs of installation, developing home energy programs, and providing solar incentives such as tax rebates. Do you live in Massachusetts? See what solar incentives and tax breaks you qualify for.

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The Cost Of Solar In Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, the total cost of solar panels can range from $10,00 to $20,000, with most Massachusetts residents end up paying an average of $2.78 per watt. However, after homeowners apply their tax credits and solar incentives, they can reduce their overall cost by thousands and even eliminate the up front costs of installation.

Massachusetts also offers more solar incentives than most states in America. These incentives include the Federal Solar Tax Credit, the Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit, property tax exemptions, and sales tax exemptions. There's also the SMART program, which pays homeowners based on the amount of energy produced by your solar energy system. Massachusetts has recently been relaxing Net Metering caps also, to help MA residents get more from their solar panels. The solar experts at EcoGen America are happy to assist you and explain what options are available to you. Talk to a solar expert today!

How Do Solar Panels Perform When Its Cold?

Solar panels still perform very well in cold conditions. Solar energy is mainly dependent on sunlight exposure – which Massachusetts receive all year round. In 2022, MA experienced over 200+ sunny days. Despite the cold weather that Massachusetts residents are so familiar with, solar panels on a home or business will still do extremely well given enough sunlight exposure, the right type of panels, and professional installation.

Finding Solar Installation in MA

If you live in Massachusetts and are interested in the benefits of solar energy, then you can get a free solar quote from us, with no obligations. Our solar energy company in Massachusetts specializes in providing world class customer service and professional installations at the cheapest possible costs. Get your free quote in minutes with the link below.

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Is it worth it to go solar in Massachusetts?

The State of Massachusetts provides ample amount of sunlight in all of its seasons to make solar power possible. Massachusetts is also one of the most progressive states in terms of solar incentives and renewable energy tax breaks, making solar energy a great choice for Massachusetts residents.

How long does it take for solar panels to pay for themselves Massachusetts?

Although the national average return on investment for solar panels is 10-12 years, Massachusetts residents average is much less. The average payback period in MA is around 5-7 years due to more solar incentives and progressive renewable energy laws.